Vlora is considered one of the oldest cities in Albania and the region. The city was founded by the ancient Greeks in the 6th century BC and named Aulōn. It has a strategic position where the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea meet. It is one of the largest cities in Albania. Vlora is 130 km south of Tirana capital, 120 km from Mother Teresa International Airport, 123 km from Greece (Korfu), on the beautiful southwest coast of the Ionian Sea, fully covered with olives and surrounded with the foot of the gigantic Ceraunian Mountains, which stretch for some 100 km along the Albanian coast from the Greek border to the Otranto Straits, in northwestern direction.

Vlora is one of the most significant cities of southern Albania and the region of Labëria which is traditionally noted for its culture, traditions and folklore.

The diversity of its territory makes Vlora a city for everyone, from the mountains in the Llogara National Park, to the Riviera, from the narrow alleys of the historic city-center, to the various archaeological sites.