Digital Nomad Interview with Aleksandra Drzal

Who are you, where are you from and what do you do?

My name is Aleksandra and I’m from Poland. I am a full-time content creator, I work with small to medium sized businesses within the tourism and hospitality industry by helping them flourish their business by improving their social media presence and curating a stronger content strategy.

I also run a travel blog BeenThere, where I share my travel journey and tips.

How did you decide to visit Vlore, Albania

I have always wanted to have an office with a sea view – in Vlore it’s possible! When I heard that city is famous for having 300 sunny days, I knew it will be perfect for me.

What is a typical day/week look like being a digital nomad in Vlore?

As a morning person, I love waking up early and create content in the daylight and since Vlore is the sunniest city I’ve ever visited, it’s perfect for shooting.

Once I finish my work, I go for a walk and enjoy the beach – the water in Vlore is the bluest! In the evening, my favourite thing to do is enjoy the sunset at the beach.

What surprised you about Vlore

The views! Its almost unbelievable how beautiful southern Albania is! Vlore is such an underrated city, it truly has all that one may need: mountains, sea and beach. What is more, the city surprises with

Do you have recommendations for anyone travelling to Albania?

Be ready to redefine what beauty means – Albania spoils in terms of views! Make sure to bring with you comfortable shoes, Albania has a lot to offer and waits to be explored.