Digital Nomad Interview with Lauren Michelle Rivera Colletti

Who are you, where are you from and what do you do?

My name is Lauren Michelle Rivera Colletti and I’m from the United States of America. I was
born and raised in New York and went to school to study psychology. I am a published
author, podcaster, yoga instructor, travel blogger, and psychologist. In the fall of 2023, I will
move to Spain to teach English as a foreign language!

How did you decide to visit Vlore, Albania

I decided to visit Vlore, Albania because I had heard from numerous travelers that Vlore was a
must-see city to visit during my trip. Everyone recommended I go and after looking up some
photos and seeing various videos online, here I am. I am very much impressed as it is a
beautiful city with so much to see and explore. After spending some time in Tirana, it is nice to
relax by the beach and I must say, the views are stunning!

What is a typical day/week look like being a digital nomad in Vlore?

I typically wake up at 7 o’clock, and after meditating for roughly 30 minutes, I will check my
emails and answer any messages. I start my day by doing yoga and/or journaling and will eat a
delicious traditional Albanian breakfast around 9 in the morning at the Valza boutique hotel.
Afterward, I will work on my laptop which is easy since I have a nice setup with a comfortable
workspace and strong WiFi (which is key for digital nomads or anybody working remotely). Then
I like to get outdoors and explore the area, maybe sit by the sea and take in some sunshine. I
love to bask in the sun and it is easy since the weather is so perfect for fresh air. If I don’t take a
long walk, I will exercise in my room since there’s plenty of space to work out. Next, I’ll shower
and maybe grab some dinner in the city center since it’s very accessible from the hotel. I enjoy
meeting new people and making friends while I travel solo, so I never run out of things to see or
do. I’ve loved learning about Albanian culture and Vlore is nice because there are mountains,
city, and sea; the options are limitless!

What surprised you about Vlore

The view of the water is gorgeous and it’s not overcrowded, which I appreciate. The city is being
newly renovated and the prices are super affordable.

Do you have recommendations for anyone travelling to Albania?

Albania is quite a unique and special country with a lot of history. Come with an open mind and
prepare to be intrigued. Albania is so interesting and fascinating, quite different from many
places I have been. Bring walking shoes and a camera, since you are surrounded by nature and
beauty, you will want to capture the moment! The Albanian people are very helpful so if you
have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!